Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pampered Chef Scoops - Size Comparisons, Uses and Repair!!

Small Scoop

Holds 1 Tbsp.
Great for melon balls or Jello balls
Playdough for children
Making spats of butter for your morning pancakes
Mini muffins
Mini cookies
Filling many kitchen tools; decorator tubes, cookie press,etc.

Medium Scoop

Holds 2 Tbsp.
Great for making cookies
Great for filling smaller muffin pans
Making meatballs
Serving; mashed potatoes, ice cream, etc
Filling other kitchen tools, same as small scoop

Large Scoop
Holds 3 Tbsp. 
Great for making mounds of food on plates for serving; such as mashed potatoes, potato salad, cottage cheese.      Large meatballs
Making large muffins in pans
Making large or monster cookies

 Scoop Repair!
Don't pitch your Pampered Chef Scoop if it gets 'out of whack'! Here is how to reset the scoop mechanism!!
1. To take a pair of pliers and bend the little keeper metal at the bottom of the handle back just
far enough so you can adjust the ratchet. This is the piece at the very bottom that keeps
the ratchet piece from coming out.
2. Then you move the ratchet piece (with the teeth) off of the ratchet wheel to the place where
the medal swing inside the scoop is back into position.
3. Once there you have to bend the keeper back into place. You want to get it as snug as you
can so that it doesn't come out of alignment again.

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  1. Well, it took two of us to do it but cookie scoop is repaired for the time being anyway.