Sunday, January 27, 2013

Micro Cooker Uses


Sure there are the normal uses for the fabulous Pampered Chef Micro cookers, heating up soup, warming leftovers, steaming veggies but did you know that they are great for:
Scrambling eggs – one minute for each egg.
4 ½ minutes per pound of boneless chicken breast or tenders.
3 ½ minutes per pound of ground beef, turkey, chicken or sausage (thawed), crumble into cooker, drain grease and rinse with warm water to remove excess grease, use vent holes in lid to drain!
5 minutes for frozen ground beef, turkey, chicken or sausage. After 3 minutes take Mix ‘N Chop to break up meat and return to microwave for 2 minutes, drain and rinse and ready to use!!
3 ½ minutes for each pound of hot spiced shrimp.
Instant rice becomes wonderful fluffy rice, follow microwave directions on instant rice package.
Melt butter and keep it from spattering in your microwave.
Melt almond bark without freezing the chocolate – microwave one minute per square – no lid!
Place grapes, or berries in cooker, fill with water, gently swirl the water to remove any dirt from the fruit, drain using the ventilation holes in the lid!
The large micro cooker holds one large block of velveeta and a can of Rotel tomatoes for a quick queso dip!
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