Sunday, December 2, 2012

Frosty Brownie Pops

What you will need:
1 pan of baked brownies, your favorite brownie recipe/mix
White candy coating
Edible food decorating markers
Rainbow mini chips (Hershey's & Wilton's both make these)
Lollipop sticks
Lollipop sized cellophane bags
In the large stainless steel mixing bowl, dump baked and cooled brownies and stir into a gooey moist mixture. Roll brownie mixture into 2 inch balls and stack 2 balls onto the end of each lollipop stick to make your snowmen.
Place brownie pops onto waxed paper, slightly flatten the bottom until the snowman on the stick can stand on his own, place in freezer for about an hour until completely frozen.
Melt white candy coating in the micro cooker according to candy coating package directions. Once melted pour into a narrow tall glass or mug. Dip frozen pops one at a time shaking off excess coating. Place dipped snowman back onto wax paper to dry.
Once candy coating is completely set and dry use a black food write to add eyes, buttons and other details. Dip the flat end of an orange candy chip into the coating and adhere to the snowman for his nose.
Place dry snowman in the lollipop bag and tie with ribbon!
Store at room temperature until ready to serve or gift!


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